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Youenn Jacquin

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BUNDABERG councillor Alan Bush is hopeful he has won his fight against compulsory fluoridation of the region water.

Cr Bush was heartened yesterday when he received news Premier Campbell Newman had said he Equipoise Erectile Dysfunction would consider allowing some Queensland communities to opt out of having fluoride added to their Dianabol 5 Week Cycle regional water supplies.

Mr Newman said while he was quite happy with the rollout of the program designed to help Queenslanders avoid dental problems he would be open to discussion with politicians whose electorates were concerned about its introduction.

He said it would not be removed from those areas where it was already in place.

The legislation to force councils across the state to add fluoride to their water supplies was passed under the Labor Government in 2008.

But Cr Bush, the council water and wastewater spokesman, has long been an opponent of the move on the grounds it would add to the financial burden of Bundaberg water users.

He is now drafting a motion for next week council meeting asking the Premier to exempt Bundaberg from the scheme.

Cr Bush also plans to include the reasons why he thinks Bundaberg should be exempt.

"The bottom line is it will slug water users around an extra 10% on their bills," he said.

Cr "Comprar Gh Jintropin" Bush said it would cost about $10 million to install the infrastructure costing the council about $1.2 million after subsidies with ongoing annual costs of about $1 million.

He said the annual costs would far outweigh any benefits from fluoridation.

"It been a long battle, but it looks like I might have a win," he said.

Mayor Mal Forman said he had been negotiating with the State Government for an exemption since before the local government elections.

"Since I became mayor, I have met Member for Bundaberg Jack Dempsey and Member for Burnett Stephen Bennett and put our case to them," Deca Durabolin Jak Brac he said.

Cr Forman said he had pointed out to the State Government it would save $20 $25 million in government assistance to the council.

"That money they could put in their budget," he said.


Infrastructure would have cost the council about $1.2 million.

Annual costs would have been about $1 million.

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